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reading: fullmetal alchemist

watching: it's okay, that's love

obsessed with: lee hyun woo


theme change: august 12

school starts: september 2


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Name: casey

Nickname: kas

Birthday: jan 20

Gender: Female

Sexuality: straight

Height: 155 cm

Time Zone: EST

What time and date is it there: 3:59 pm; September 2 

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 6-3.5 hrs

The last thing I googled was: ft to cm (for the height question >.<)

My most used phrase(s): *i dont think i have one..*

First word that comes to mind: clock

What I last said to a family member: yes (in chinese)

One place that makes me happy and why?: my bed. like however i sit or lay on it, im comfortable… just ignore me orz

How many blankets I sleep under: 1

Favorite beverage(s): coke, ginger ale, chocolate milk

The last movie I watched in the cinema: Into the Storm

Three things I can’t live without: internet, laptop, money (did i answer this question correctly?)

Something I plan on learning: how to make a really good edit

A piece of advice for your followers: don’t give up (?? i think advice depends on the situation…)

You all have to listen to this song: Feel So Alive - Down With Webster

My blog(s): like active blogs? theshoujolife, konohahokages, mirajanestrausses, ironmansuits


bsmae asked: is last game good? does it ever get boring?

Last Game is amazing!!! its one of my all time favourites!!!! the story idea is super cute so i totally recommend it!!!!! and none of the chapters are boring ^^ i dont think there are enough chapters for boring moments yet so you should read it 

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got no choice but to fight till it’s done.