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Some cute & funny Yanagi x Kujou moments from Last Game

Anonymous: Hi. Sorry that my message didn't make sense. Asking questions at two in the morning is a bad idea. Yesterday you posted a collection of characters which Kyoko from Skip Beat! played. I was wondering if you purposefully left out Kyoko's Kuon character, or if you forgot that she played him.

hahaha ok this makes A LOT more sense!! and also i was surprised that you would ask about that post because i posted it over a month ago >.< 

ok so the answer to your question: it was a long time ago so im not 100% sure but i think i totally forgot about kyoko playing kuon… like i purposely left out the school uniform and the pink jumpsuit but i dont think i even considered her kuon role… so ya… i think i forgot orz 


Hey hey! ^-^ I’ve recently reached a little bit of a milestone in my follower count and wanted to celebrate with my first Follow Forever, so here we are. (My design ability takes a turn for the worst when I’m confronted with typefaces so alas, we’re left with this tragedy).

Thankyou all so much for making my dashboard look fantastic  (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


thank youu!!!